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Recettes de Roland en anglais

Vegetable Amuses Bouches


10 small “ratte” potatoes

200g chilled raw salmon fillet

Juice of ½ lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper and dill


Steam the potatoes, peel if needed and keep them warm.

Marinade the salmon in the oil, lemon juice and pepper
Just before serving, slice the potatoes and put a small cube of salmon on top of each.

Sprinkle with salt and dill.

Radis noir

1 radis noir

1 pot of langoustine mousse

Crème fraiche

Cooked prawns to decorate


Peel and cut the radish into very thin circular slices
Using a tooth-pick, spear them so they form small bowls

Mix the mousse with some crème fraiche, salt and pepper.

Fill the radish “bowls” with the mixture and garnish each with a cooked prawn and a sprig of dill.


2 endives

100g Roquefort

75g butter “doux”

10 walnuts

Cut the base of the endives and separate the leaves.

In a bowl, crush the Roquefort and mix in the butter.

Using a spoon, put a heap of the mixture in each endive leaf and decorate with a walnut half.

Mini tomatoes

250g cherry tomatoes

3 or 4 anchovy fillets

50g tuna

100g pitted black olives

5 or 6 capers, seasoning

Cut off the top third of each tomato, put aside and scoop out a bit of the flesh from the remaining part.

Mix the olives, tuna, anchovies and capers. Add oil, salt and seasoning and then put a small spoonful on the top of each tomato. Replace the tomato “cap”.

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